W.L. and Suzann Batterton McCoy are fourth generation owners of the Springhill Farm 
located north of Greensburg, IN near the Spring Hill Community.  The farm dates back 
to the first settlers of Indiana in the early 1800s and holds the old Donnell family cemetery.  
Suzann's Great Grandfather, S.V. Pleak,  purchased the farm in 1929.  The original Pleak 
farm is located in Decatur County as well with the McCoy's still in possession of the Land 
Grant deed signed by John Q. Adams, President.  Suzann's cousins are current owners of
the original Pleak Farm.  The Pleak Round Barn can be seen nearby and is on the National 
Historic Register.

The farm survived the Great Depression with the help of grandson Van P Batterton, Suzann's 
father, who had just graduated from IU with a degree in Chemistry. Having been in the Naval 
Reserve in College, Van served in the US Navy during WWII as a Lt on board the LST 533 
and participated in the Normandy Invasion.  After the war, Van came home to take control of 
the farm along with his mother after the death of S.V.

The farm raised corn, soybeans, hogs and cattle under the direction of Van Batterton until his 
death when Suzann and W.L. took over the operation.  The McCoy's continue in the operation
of the farm with the leadership of neighbor and friend, Dave Moore.  Texas Longhorns were 
added to the operation in 2003.  A commercial herd was established using crossbreeding with 
Charolais bulls currently.  The McCoy's established a registered Texas Longhorn herd shortly 
thereafter with foundation cattle from Semkin, TriW, and Dickinson cattle companies.  Our 
longhorn pasture is the showcase of the farm.  Tourists regularly drive by to snap photos and 
see the beautiful cattle.

Sadly Suzann passed away in 2021.
W.L. resides in Kentucky where he and Suzann operated a professional photography 
studio for over 40 years and now retired from studio operations.  Suzann
will forever remain W.L.'s love of his life.
Suzann's Grandfather Harry Batterton left Greensburg, IN for Arizona in order recover from
life threatening TB in the early 1900s.  He survived and worked as a cowboy, rancher, ranger,
and later was City Clerk for Tucson.  We carry the DWM brand he registered in AZ on 
our herd of longhorns in Indiana as a part of the family tradition.  A true cowboy of
the old west, Harry lived out his days in and around Tucson.  Below are some photos
from those days.

The cowboy in the middle is Suzann's grandfather, Harry Batterton.  He is about to go on a ride with
 this posse of Arizona Rangers, of which he was a member.

Branding Time at Bat's Ranch Tucson AZ

Harry Batterton would bring cattle up from Mexico an run them on his ranch
near Tucson.  His last ranch was located just off the road that is now
called Speedway in Tucson.


The Arizona Rangers ready to ride.